"Um…." The saga continues

Book 2/Part 2/Issue 1 

Panel 1 - the bus driver is seen lying the ditch barely conscious staring up at the clouded over night sky.

Panel 2 - he can see what looks to be headlights coming from over the hill in the road out of the corner of his eye.

Panel 3 - he turns his head just enough to be able to watch the approaching car.

Panel 4 - he tries to even lift his arm to give some sign of his existence there in the ditch to the only car he’s seen in over 8 hours.

Panel 5 - but he couldn’t, he could tell both shoulders had been dislocated. This wasn’t the first time he had felt this pain, he dislocated his left shoulder back in ‘Nam after all. He also assessed a collapsed lung, at least 4 broken ribs, a broken nose, popped blood vessels in both eyes, and a missing incisor. Not to mention the fairly severe concussion he suffered.

Panel 6 - the headlights from the car flood the ditch with light, the bus driver can once again clearly see the dried crusted over blood that has completely saturated his clothes and most of his flesh.

Panel 7 - he takes a deep breathe and for the first time in hours he speaks, because it’s clear to him now the car approaching him is a cop car. “HHHEEEELLLPP!!!!”

Panel 8 - but the car just keeps driving.

Panel 9 - he watches as his last chance for salvation drives off into the black abyss of the night.

Panel 10 - but the car slows down and pulls over about 200m away from him.

Panel 11 - they’ve kept the lights on, he watches as a figure in black energies from the car to search the ditch on the side of the road.

Panel 12 - “they’re actually looking for me” the bus driver says to himself in an almost exasperated whimper.

Panel 13 - he tries to scream again, but his last attempt took pretty much all he had left within him “HEE…” But starts coughing, specks of blood flying from his mouth with every strong exhale.

Panel 14 - the flashlight being held by his potential savior swings around towards the sound of blood muffled coughs.

Panel 15 - the beam of light is now bounding towards him, the footsteps quicken with every thud that’s heard against the gravel.

Panel 16 - he can’t make out what his rescuer looks like as of yet due to the flashlight bathing his bruised and bloodied body, but he hears her words clearly “holy Jesus Christ, they sure did do a number on you”

Panel 17- he passes out from the relief of knowing that this ditch would not be his grave, at least not for today.


Issue 2 

Panel 1 - the bus driver wakes up in the backseat of a cop car.

Panel 2 - “and good morning to you sunshine, I didn’t expect you to wake up until I got you the hospital.” Said the young black woman behind the wheel of the cop car. Her curly hair was up in a ponytail, she was wearing a blue spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of black jeans. She looked like she was clearly off duty.

Panel 3 - “how did you know where to find me?” The bus driver says slowly throw a swollen lip the size of two baby carrots sitting parallel against each other.

Panel 4 - “every cop car is planted with global positioning device which also calculates trip duration. Meaning when the car stops the location and duration of the stop is recorded. Meaning when the two men who killed my husband, stole his car and kidnapped you stopped the car out there by that ditch for 5 minutes to kick the shit out of you it was recorded on the GPD.”

Panel 5 - “so why don’t you just track the car on the GPD and catch up with those two?”

Panel 6 - “we did, but they found the car about 15 km outside of lynx ville. The car had been rigged to blow up when someone opened the car door, two more police officers were killed in the car bomb incident. Obviously these two aren’t just some small time robbers. So since the camera in the car has been destroyed, you’re the only person who really has any idea who these two are.” They pass a sign indicating the hospital is 1km away.

Panel 7 - “they knocked me out as we were driving away, small blow dart laced with “sleep aid” by the time I woke up I was blind folded. Like you said they obviously weren’t small time robbers” His voice waivering as he dips in and out of consciousness. The big blue H comes into view over the horizon as his eyes begin to shut. He thinks to himself “I wonder if anyone’s informed my family of anything, I wonder if they’ll…” And he feels himself slip away for the second time in the last hour.

Panel 8 - ” well maybe after you’ve seen some doctors and you’re feeling a bit better maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to remember enough details that we can use to catch my husbands killers.” As she pulls into the hospital she turns around to find the bus driver unconscious and struggling to breathe.

Panel 9 - “oh don’t you fucking dare,” she says in a frantic panicky tone.


Issue 3 

Panel 1 - “Get this man to a fucking doctor or you are gonna be dealing with one livid widow.

Panel 2 - “ma’am we can assure you that your husband will not die under out care, we need to fill out some information about your husband before we can…” The nurse behind the desk didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence before she was interrupted by the woman standing in front of her.

Panel 3 - “he’s not my fucking husband you bimbo, my husband was shot in between the eyes earlier this afternoon and this is the only man who could accurately bear witness to the men who did that said act, so if you please…Get this man a fucking doctor.” Tears welling up in her eyes, heart beat pounding in her ears. The day’s toll on her has finally begun to show.

Panel 4 - the nurse looks somewhat taken aback by her story, but replies with “and who exactly are you to be directing me on how this man should be treated.”

Panel 5 - she pulls out her badge “I’m a fucking cop”

Panel 6 - the nurse goes wide eyed, picks up the phone receiver in front of her and pages “code black ER waiting room.”


Issue 4 

Panel 1 - the swinging doors leading from the the waiting area to the main ER corridor bursts open.

Panel 2 - “we need the crash team to the crash room stat” the sweet voice from over the PA echoes throughout the bus drivers head as he waivers in out of consciousness, taking in only a fraction of his surrounding scenario.

Panel 3 - he’s wheeled into a high wattage, blindingly fluorescent bulb lit room, still, he sees the surrounding bodies in motion as blurred shadows and silhouettes speaking to him from an AM radio in the distance.

Panel 4 - he hears a shadow to his left say “should I administer more conotoxin?” Before he hears the “yes” echo, he feels the hypodermic needle pierce the skin of his throat right above his jugular artery. And he feels a calming numbness hit him like a bolt of lightning, before he knew it his body was nothing but a limp rag doll supported by a skeletal system made of cumulonimbus clouds. He didn’t care what happened next.

Panel 5 - he sees the shadow people do a dance around him, pulling and prodding and stabbing him with instruments all the while he couldn’t care enough about his body to notice the things they were actually doing to him.

Panel 6 - A tube had been placed inside a 1 inch incision between the 9th and 10th ribs; counted from the bottom; on the right side into his chest cavity; to drain the air from around his collapsed lung. And another was placed into the abdominal cavity on the left side to drain the blood that had begun to pool there.

Panel 7 - “this should only hurt (a lot)” the last word waivered higher and lower in tone than the words preceding it. “And sir, just to let you know the ketamine should be kicking in right about now, we’ll see you after the surgery.”

Panel 8 - and he was gone.

Panel 9 - there he was standing in an olive green lava lamp solution surrounded by bubbles, bubbles of faces, of people he knew. And behind the cyclone of faces stood three tall shadowed figures.

Panel 10 - “where am I?” Spoke the bus driver aloud to the figures before him. And the answer came from the inside of his head, as if the PA system they were using hooked up somewhere around the occipital lobe. “Welcome to the last 20 years of your life. We’ve taken the liberty to walk through your mind opening doors at will and grabbing the highlights we’d like to remind you of. Nothing like a turning point in a mans life to remind him of his past.”

Panel 11 - and in an instant the cyclone of memories surrounded him while the laughter from the figures spun around his ear drums. flashes of faces and snippets of dialogue bombarded him.

Panel 12 - a younger man sitting in front of a desk looking nervous listens intently to the disembodied voice of the bus driver “I need you to make cocaine… A little more… Party friendly, a little happier, a little more psychedelic. The mafias looking for something new that they can get their hands on before anyone else. And I told them I had one of the finest young pharmacologists the field has ever seen.”

Panel 13 - The man behind the desk disappears and a man in a beige suede jacket and pants stands towering over the bus driver “you really think that after you’ve dug yourself this far into the rabbit hole that you can just shut down the operation. that you can just up and leave and tell the authorities who’s been smuggling this stuff on to the streets? Well I’ll fucking ki….”

panel 14 - “ll you.” Staring down at the charred remains of his family in his arms as the voice of a man comes from somewhere in the distance “I don’t know what’s wrong I’ve performed multiple biopsies, I’ve cauterized the wound, I’ve even frozen it like a goddamn planters wart… But it keeps coming back, I think it’s a third thumb”

Panel 15 - “does anyone else know about this?” “No, just the intern, he’s become quite worried about the whole thing.” “Good, let’s leave it that way, you know what happens in these situations, could we really have the genetic anomalies that come out of this place tarnish the name of omega science corp? Of course not, we’re going to have to let you go free.”

Panel 16 - strobe light esque images flash before him. Holding a gun to the scientists head as he watched the man press his thumb against a pile of crystals and lick it off, falling to the floor. Administering electroshock therapy to the heap of a man on the ground. Putting the lifeless body into the bed of his truck with the help of the intern, “why can’t I have a little time to save him?” “Because obviously at this point that’s too late, he’s gone, now stop the crying and get him in truck, you’re starting to make me think you’re one of those queers.”

Panel 17 - and in an instant the three thumbed man is standing in front of the bus’s windshield, frozen like a deer in the headlights.

Panel 18 - the mob boss is seen standing in the doorway of his new house in Sasquatch falls holding a bag labelled “anthrax” and smiling devilishly.

Panel 19 - a younger woman with a baby in a bunting bag over her shoulder is seen standing above the carnage holding the severed head of the mafias boss high in the air.

Panel 20 - he sees himself lying face down in the ditch along the side of the road. Bloody tear streaks line his face. His left eye had been torn completely from its socket.

Panel 21 - he turns away from this last bubble and speaks to the figures once more. “I thought you said this was my past, those last three haven’t happened yet.”

Panel 22 - “the foundation for your entire life is laid right from the beginning. Most people, yourself included, are too stupid to see the path they’re on and diverge from it. So they keep going blissfully unaware that they’re the reason for why they’ll die.”

Panel 23 - “so is there still time to change my future oh spirits?”

Panel 24 - “well Jacob Marley considering everything you’ve seen is but a made up facet of your subconscious manifesting itself in the form of a mild parody of Charles dickens’ “a Christmas carol.” None of this was real, you can perceive this anesthetic induced hallucination in whatever way you see fit. Albeit a warning, a premonition, or nothing more than neurotransmitters playing tricks on your brain while under the influence of very powerful dissociative drug.”

Panel 25 - “or maybe it’s all of the above.” The words echo out as the bus drivers sucked from the depths of his own consciousness.

Panel 26 - He wakes up, sits bolt up right in his hospital bed “that was fucked” and collapses unconscious


Issue 5 

Panel 1 - the bus driver slowly opens his eyes. The however long it had been since being rescued from the ditch still weighed heavily on his thoughts.

Panel 2 - “alright, now that we know you’re not gonna die it’s time that you start talking.” Said the woman who saved his life, although now donning her police officer uniform. “I wasn’t too pushy last night because I didn’t want your potential last moments filled up with me screaming your fucking head off, now I’m gonna ask you again who were those two men who forced a local food purveyor to swallow a hot coal from his hibachi barbecue, tearing a hole through his esophagus Then after the man fell to the ground and begun asphyxiating through the wound from his homemade tracheotomy, the one shot him through his fucking eye socket. Guess that was nice of him to put him out of his misery and what not. And then as if one broad daylight homicide wasn’t enough, they pretty much instantaneously shot my fucking husband right in between the eyes. And why? Because he was a threat? Because he was technically in their way? No but because he had the unfortunate luck of being called in to that site to check out a Sasquatch sighting. The exact Sasquatch that you fucking pummeled with your bus. Which brings me back to my original point of seeing as how you were there for this entire turn of events, one could even say you caused these said events, and we’re even kidnapped by those two men… So I want to know WHO THE FUCK THOSE TWO ARE.

Panel 3 - the bus driver stares blankly at here. Still not completely sure whether this was real or not he says “I told you, they didn’t identify themselves. They held me hostage, we weren’t having a wine and cheese mixer while they were on the lamb.”

Panel 4 - “I told you everything alr….” But then she started laughing, but it wasn’t her laugh. It was the kind of laugh that brought out goosebumps on the back of his neck.

Panel 5 - and in an instant a man in a nice brown suit sat in front of him, hair slicked back, his eyes were but one blood red pupil. “Hi Jacob, just to clear things up this is still technically a dream, much like that hallucination I gave you back in your surgery. But that doesn’t make this any less real than your reality. You might have heard of me, I’m lucifer. But don’t get too star struck or feel all that privileged. Everyone meets satan at least once, whether they realize it or not.”

Panel 6 - “are you here to take me to hell? Please before you do just let me tell my wife everything, she deserves to know before I’m dead.

Panel 7 - “no no no, you misunderstand my role. I don’t bring people to hell, they dig themselves there on their own accord. Now we both are quite aware of the fact that you’re not the purest of souls, but your evil was paved with good intentions for the most part… But then again as you people say so is the road to hell. “

Panel 8 - “please just let me speak to my wife, plea…” “Ssssshhhhh” whispers satan softly “you’d have thought that after your last brush in with the realization of how truly short and special your interactions are, that maybe you’d have started out your rebound on a more honest note.”

Panel 8 - “shut the fuck up you don’t know…” But satan interjects “actually I do, but that’s besides the point right now, this has nothing to do with my appearance now.”

Panel 9 - “I’ll put it as bluntly as I can just to ensure there isn’t any confusion over your current situation. There was a hot dog vendor who was technically killed yesterday at the same scene as your “reckless driving” incident. You know the hotdog vendor, you don’t right now but you’ll soon see. He’s got a lot of dirt on you and a lot of it’s written down. I’ve talked with him. The way I see it is you have three outcomes at this point, you’re going to jail on multiple charges, you’re going to be killed or you get the hotdog mans memoirs and continue your life as the dung beetle you are.”

Panel 10 - “I don’t know any hotdog vendors” the bus driver says more timidly than he has throughout the conversation.

Panel 11 - “but you do, now I warn you, you don’t have long to play Guess Who considering you’re not the only one after the prize. But you better start thinking because unfortunately for you… What you’ve just experienced hasn’t happened yet….” The last sentence waivers and echoes as the bus driver becomes aware of his surroundings.

Panel 12 - lying face first in the dirt by the side of the road he knows exactly where he was. “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK. What’s going…” He tries to finish the sentence but can’t through the dry coughs and blood. It’s back, all of it, the collapsed lung the broken ribs, but it’s not that it was back it was never remedied in the first place. “HHHHEEEEELLLPP!!?!?” He screams as he sees the headlights flash from the cop car 200m from where he was laying.

Panel 13 - he shuts his eyes tight and screams “HHHHEEEELLLPPP” once more. suddenly the flashlight from his savior illuminates directly behind his shut eyes.

Panel 14 - and he wakes up to the doctor shining a small pen light into his eyes “just checking for pupil dilation. Everything seems to be in order here sir.”

Panel 15 - from behind the doctor sitting in the only chair in the room was the woman from last night “alright, now that we know you’re not gonna die it’s time that you start talking.”

Panel 16 - looking startled and confused he blurts out the only thing that made sense to say in this situation “Who’s the fucking hotdog vendor!?!?”


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Uh….!¿?¡ (Book 2 part 1)

Book 2/Part 1/Issue 1 

Panel 1 - “kids, your father will be just fine, like he said, it’s probably just raccoons. Those little guys can cause quite a hassle for campers like us” the mother says to her two twin sons beside her in the tent.

Panel 2 - “Hey buddy, just what in the fuck do you think you’re doing” says the father from outside the tent.
“kids, come here with me, get into this sleeping bag, I’m gonna zip it up all the way. Count to 1000 for me okay”

Panel 3 - she zips her two young sons into the sleeping bag “I can’t believe this is happening” she thinks to herself. “”This is your last fucking warning bud…” her husband bellows at the intruder.

Panel 4 - “please be okay, I can’t bear to imagine going on without you” she whispers to herself. “102, 103, 104” count the boys from inside the sleeping bag, completely unaware of their approaching demise.

Panel 5 - in an instant the tent bursts into flames. The screams of the boys from inside the sleeping bag fill their mothers ears.

Panel 6 - the zippers stuck… “oh fuck, this can’t be happening, this isn’t happening.” Sobs their mother as she tries to unzip the sleeping bag, the skin on her fingers blistering and melting from the flames licking their way across her body.

Panel 7 - The smoke is so dense, the smell of burning flesh and hair is over powering. “I’m sorry boys” she whispers to the now silent mounds in the sleeping bag.

Panel 8 - “SARAH, SARAH” screams her husband from behind the wall of fire.

Panel 9 - “it’s all my fault” chokes Sarah, lying on top of the sleeping bag containing her former children. As the exposed blackened bones in her arms glisten in the firelight, she dies.

Book 2/Part 1/Issue 2 

Panel 1 - close up of the bus driver’s face while he’s sitting in the back of the cop car.

Panel 2 - The bus driver, a woman and 2 young twin boys (presumably the bus drivers wife and sons) are seen in a car loaded with camping gear, presumably on their way to a weekend of camping.

Panel 3 - The 4 arrive at their designated camping site and begin setting up the essentials.

Panel 4 - by night fall they’re finally finished setting up and sitting around a campfire eating marshmallows.

Panel 5 - The four get into their spacious tent for a night of relaxation and rest,

Panel 6 - *peering from between the branches of a nearby shrub* a creature of some sort is watching the family’s camp site

Panel 7 - *CRASH* a loud raucous wakes the bus driver and his family.

Panel 8 - lighting his gas lantern as he’s getting ready to open the tent door. “stay here with the kids, I’ll be right back, probably just some raccoons.”

Panel 9 - The bus driver peers into the darkness, his gas lantern barely lighting his way.

Panel 10 - The bus drivers light illuminates the silhouette of a large, lumbering creature rooting through the families cooler.

Panel 11 - “Jesus, it’s a bear” the bus driver whispers to himself, still moving steadily closer with his light to get a better look.

Panel 12 - The light falls on the face of what is seen to be the three thumbed man.

Panel 13 - “Hey buddy, just what in the fuck do you think you’re doing” screams the bus driver at the three thumbed man.

Panel 14 - clearly startled by the bus drivers sudden appearance, the theee thumbed man screams “AAAAAAAAA”

Panel 15 - “get the fuck out of here” the bus driver says still approaching the being

Panel 16 - supposedly still in shock the three thumbed man simply stands there, seemingly transfixed by the fire enclosed within the glass walls of the lantern.

Panel 17 - “This is your last fucking warning bud… Get the fuck out of here before I make you get out of here” standing not even a foot away from the three thumbed man, holding the lantern directly in line with the TTM’s face.

Panel 18 - A look of fear comes over his face as the fire flickers menacingly before him.

Panel 19 - (split panel) He flails his arms in his attempt of escape. His third thumb connects with the lantern.

Panel 20 - (split panel) The lantern goes flying out of the bus drivers hands and lands over in the direction of the tent.

Panel 21 - The tent goes up in flames

Panel 22 - the screams of the children and the bus drivers wife fill the silent forest air.

Panel 23 - same as book 2 issue 1 panel 8.

Panel 24 - the three thumbed man watches the scene from a safe distance along the tree line.

Panel 25 - come morning the bus driver is holding the charred remains of his two sons and his wife in his arms as he cries barely audibly to himself “I’ll fucking get you, no matter how long it takes, I’ll find you.”


Book 2/Part 1/Issue 3 

Panel 1 - “hey fuck-twat did you hear me? I asked what you wanted from Wendy’s?” the one hit man says to the bus driver sitting in the back of the cop car.

Panel 2 - close up of the bus drivers face with a single tear sitting in the corner of his eye.

Panel 3 - the bus driver standing at the foot of the graves of his wife, and two sons.

Panel 4 - the bus drivers sitting behind the desk in an enormous executives office talking to someone on the phone. “just sell it all, I’m done with this fucking place, no I don’t care about their jobs, they can get new jobs, I can’t get what I lost back and for that reason I’m done with this part of my life, I’m leaving and moving on and so can they.”

Panel 4 - “no I haven’t decided what I’ll do with this next part of my life. No I really don’t think I’ll get this out of my system from a vacation. No I’ve made up my mind, sell it, split the money among everyone, think of it as their severance.”

Panel 5 - “Yes, I’ll be going to live in the town on the outskirts of Sasquatch forest. Why? Because that’s where I’ll find him. Now I’m through with this, you won’t hear from me anymore, from here on out my attorneys shall be handling everything. Goodbye.

Panel 6 - the hotdog vendor is seen sitting at his cubicle desk on the other end of the phone. “…bye”


Issue 3.5 

Panel 7 - standing in his bedroom, he removes all the money he has in the safe behind the painting his wife had done for their third wedding anniversary and places it all in the briefcase he has on the bed

Panel 8 - the bus driver is seen pouring gasoline along the hallways of his once happy home.

Panel 9 - standing in the front doorway of his house he lights a single match, holds it up to his face to watch the flame flicker seductively before him.

Panel 10 - he throws the match down into the puddle of gasoline he left in the front hallway.

Panel 11 - the bus driver is seen walking down the long driveway of a rather extravagant home billowing smoke and engulfed in flames.

Panel 12 - he gets into his car and takes one last look at the last place he’ll ever remember happiness.

Panel 13 - driving down the highway he passes a yellow rhombus shaped sign with a black silhouette of what could be considered a Sasquatch and a smaller sign which read “next 10km”

Panel 14 - as the sign indicating Sasquatch falls was 20 km further was approaching the bus driver noticed a group of beings gathered on the edge of the forest.

Panel 15 - startled and blinded by rage the bus driver drives the car off the road straight into the highway sign.

Panel 16 - “I know you fucks choose not to understand us but i know what you are and I know you understand every single word. So you be sure to tell your friend that when I find him… I’ll treat him the same way he treated my family.”

Panel 17 - the beings vaguely resembling humans just stare blankly at the man screaming at them from outside his beaten up car on the side of the road.

Panel 18 - the bus driver gets back into the car and continues on his way towards Sasquatch falls.


issue 3.5.5 

Panel 19 - “yes, I’ve just moved here from out of town, thought I’d try a little more of a quiet environment compared to the big city.” said the bus driver to the female DMV representative behind the window on the counter.

Panel 20 - “and have you ever driven a bus before” inquired the DMV representative

Panel 21 - “well I had a little experience driving some pretty heavy vehicles back in ‘Nam and I had a brief stint of driving 18 wheelers for some companies up state for a few years. But that was before I got into business so it’s been a fair amount of time since I’ve driven anything bigger than a car but I’m sure it’ll all come back to me. You know, it’ll be like riding a bike.”

Panel 22 - staring mildly perplexed at the man “well I guess we’ll get you out on the course within the next couple weeks to start the training and we’ll take it from there.”

Panel 23 - “thanks just call me on my cell, I’m currently… in between houses.”

Panel 24 - “you mean you’re living in your car? Do you have anyone you could stay with even just for a while?” Because if you don’t I know it’s not much but there’s a couch in my living room that pulls out, I mean you’re always welcome to sleep there.”

Panel 25 - smiling for the first time since his family’s deaths. “I couldn’t accept that right now, we just met, it would be taking advantage of you, how do you know I’m not some crazed killer looking for the murderer of my family to kill him with my bare hands? But it’s really okay, I’m staying at the hotel uptown for the time being.”

Panel 26 - she looks shocked and taken aback by his strangely dark sense of humor. He says before stepping out the door “we’ll be seeing each other enough if I’m going to try and get my bus drivers license. But yeah, give me a call whenever you hear about some course time, or just if you’re ever looking for something to do.”

Panel 27 - he gets into his car looking back at the DMV in his rear view mirror he smiled for the second time that day.

Book 2/Part 2/ Issue 4 

Panel 1 - 3 months later
The bus driver and the DMV woman are seen sitting in her apartment having a candle lit dinner and drinking red wine.

Panel 2 - “so you still haven’t gotten around to telling me what you used to do or where you even came from before joining us here in beautiful Sasquatch falls.

Panel 3 - the bus driver looks solemnly at her “it’s not all that interesting really. I used to own a business, a convenient store, it went belly up. So I decided to start over and just work in the service sector, at least it’s a pay cheque you know.

Panel 4. - “so have you always been the charming bachelor you are now?”

Panel 5 - draining his wine glass “yeah I guess you could say that….” As he stares blankly at the woman in front of him

Sarah and the bus driver are standing in the kitchen of their home “you realize the kids have hardly seen you in over a month, and by the time you come home I’m already in bed ready to pass out. There’s no way that place can be more important to you than your own family. It’s not fair to me and definitely not fair to the kids.”

Panel 7 - “you’re right Sarah, you’re always right, I’m sorry, how about this, we’ll go on a family camping trip in a couple weeks. No business talk, no phones no contact with the outside world. You are right though, I lost sight of what’s important to me. It’ll be nice to spend some time with the only people that actually matter to me.

Panel 8 - back in the DMV woman’s dining room “I guess you could say I just never made time for a love life.

Panel 9 - “say this is a bit off topic but… Do the Sasquatch people ever come to town?

Panel 10 - “not very often, every once in a while you’ll see one walking around but don’t worry, they don’t hurt people, they’re just sightseers.

Panel 11 - “oh, well I guess that’s good to know.”

montage flash forward

Panel 12 - 1 year after
The bus driver and the DMV woman get married

Panel 13 - they buy a nice house on the outskirts of the falls

14 - 2 years later
The DMV woman gives birth to 2 twin girls.

15 - 5 years later
“Remember to pick up some milk on your way home” the bus drivers wife reminds her husband as he’s going out to work for the day.

16 - Same as book 1 issue 5 panel 1.

Book 2/part 2/issue 5 

Panel 1 - “So what do we do with him? shoot him in the back of the head, leave him in a ditch and be on our merry way? said the one hit man without taking his eyes off the road for a single second. “he did kill that freak thing back there… he’s kind of in the same boat as us, we could probably just give him the old heave ho, sayonara have a nice life we won’t look for you if you don’t come looking for us type of arrangement.” The hit man sitting in the passenger seat says to his partner almost as if the bus driver couldn’t hear a single word the two of them were saying.

Panel 2 - “you really think we can trust him? i mean he even utters a vague description of us to anyone and the boss is gonna know where to start his head hunt.”

Panel 3 - “come on, this guy seems like a fairly level headed individual, he knows he’s getting off easy on this one, he knows he could be dead and left for the coyotes at this point, besides… we’re hitmen, word gets around fairly quick and if we get word that he’s been talking… we could just track him down, sneak up behind him and severe his head from his neck via piano wire.

Panel 4 - the bus driver still sitting in the back of the cop car speaks up for the first time “If it’s any consolation to either of you i really would like to just go home and tell my wife a Sasquatch ran in front of my bus today. That’s it that’s all.”

Panel 5 - The hitman driving the car begins to slow down car as him and his associate exchange a look, and the bus driver knows exactly what that look means.

Panel 6 - “you know what, I trust this guy.” “Yeah, I think you’re right, he’s obviously not stupid, you recognize him don’t you?

Panel 7 - “yeah, he’s the one the boss was doing business with a while back isn’t he?”

Panel 8 - “yep, he kept his mouth shut before, I’m sure he’ll keep it again…. But man did his disappearing act sure fuck up a lot of stuff for the boss. Thought he was gonna go to Feds.”

Panel 9 - “but just to be sure, just so he knows, if the boss finds out where we are, we’ll be sure to let him know we know where he is.”

Panel 10 - he stops the car

Panel 11 - the two throw the bus driver out of the car

Panel 12 - they beat him till he’s completely covered in his own blood

Panel 13 - they get back in the car, the hitman driving the car revs the engine, the other screams from the window “just remember, that was nothing compared to what he’ll do to you if he ever finds us.”

Panel 14 - the bus driver rolls onto his side into the pool of his own blood in the ditch by the side of the road.


@11 months ago


Book 1/Issue 1 

The fall of the Three Thumbed Man

Panel 1 - title card “Uh…”
Panel 2 - The Three Thumbed Man is seen purchasing a hotdog from a street vendor, at least 2 other people are eating hot dogs nearby.

Panel 3 - As he is in the process of moving the hotdog from his left to his right in order to get his wallet out of his pocket

Panel 4 - The Three Thumbed man’s third thumb (which is located directly in the middle of his palm) pushes the hot dog out of the bun, it rolls behind him through his legs and into the street.

Panel 5 - the three thumbed man chases after the hot dog into the open street just as a bus (which can be slightly seen at the edge of the panel) is passing by

Panel 6 - A crowd is gathered around the mangled corpse of the three thumbed man. (long view of the street and how many people are there)


Book 1/Issue 2

The revenge of the bus driver

Panel 1 - same as panel 6 from issue 1

Panel 2 - The bus driver is seen emerging from his bus and screaming “Not so fucking tough now are you, you filthy freak. I told you i’d fucking get you for what you did, it might have taken 5 years but i fucking got ya.”

Panel 3 - The bus driver goes over to the supposed corpse and stomps the three thumbed man’s head in just as the three thumbed man utters a barely audible “I’m sorry.” “Rot in hell you fucking firebug good for nothing bastardized version of a human being”

Panel 4 - A few people from the crowd try to hold the bus driver back just as he winds up another kick.

Panel 5 - A nearby cop who witnessed the accident apprehends the bus driver, who comes quietly

Panel 6 - just as the bus driver is put securely in the back of the cop car a gunshot is heard from over by the hotdog vendors cart. “stop thief” screams the cop

Panel 7 - a second gunshot is heard and the cop is shot right in between the eyes.

Panel 8 - two men drenched in blood get into the front of the cop car and drive off.

Panel 9 - The onlooking crowd stares blankly around at each other as the cop car drives out of sight.


Book 1/Issue 3 

A hot dog made from sorrow

Panel 1 - same as panel 6 issue 1 

Panel 2 - The Hotdog vendor is looking at the mangled heap of the what used to be the three thumbed man in horror struck awe.

Panel 3 - The hotdog vendor looks down at the fortune cookie fortune in his hand and exclaims “it was right”

Panel 4 - close up of the fortune cookie “you will play the penultimate role in the final moments of a long lost love’s life”

Panel 5 - he grabs a burning coal from the hibachi barbecue he has on his cart, swallows it, it burns a hole straight through his neck. He collapses to the ground struggling to breathe.

Panel 6 - The two guys who were eating hotdogs nearby notice the hotdog vendor “well, shit… That was unexpected”


Book 1/Issue 4 

Panel 1 - two guys are walking down the road One guy says to the other “Wanna grab something to eat” the other guy replies “if these boxers were any tighter in the nut region I’m pretty sure I’d have ovaries by now. Sorry what ‘d’ya say?”

Panel 2 - the other guy asks “let me guess… cotton?”

Panel 3 - “yeah, what’s wrong with cotton? I’ve always liked cotton… This isn’t about the fabric, they probably just shrunk in the dryer… Or my nuts grew overnight…”

Panel 4 - “no way man, cotton scratches my scrotum raw… I only wear silk boxers. There’s something about the way it feels when the cool, almost menthol chill inducing, silk strokes the head of my dick.”

Panel 5 - the other guy just blankly stares at him…

Panel 6 - “Whatever, im still starving. Wanna just grab a hotdog from that guy up there?” Done

Book 1/issue 4.5 

Panel 7 - “Did you just ask me if I wanted a hotdog after you’ve been talking about how you get off from your boxers giving you a handjob”

Panel 8 - “oh fuck off Freud, not everything over 4 inches long needs to be automatically associated with the dick, I don’t care what you’re doing but i know I’m getting a hotdog”

Panel 9.- The two continue talking a few feet from the hotdog cart “so what’s first today?”

Panel 10 - “shit, I haven’t even checked yet, I was just so focused on how hungry I was. But without further ado it’s time to find out who’s on the chopping block for today.” As he pulls an envelope from inside his jacket. The three thumbed man should be in the background about to buy a hotdog.

Panel 11 - a sheet of paper with the hotdog vendors face and information on it is seen sticking out of the envelope”

Panel 12 - “well hot damn, didn’t we luck out today, do you think it would in poor taste to take our money back after” the hot dog should be rolling through the three thumbed mans legs at this point.

Panel 13 - “never stopped you before, do you have the silence… WHAT THE FUCK”

Panel 14 - the two are drenched in the blood spatter from the three thumbed man

Panel 15 - “Holy shit, what the hell was that? are you okay”

Panel 16 - “yeah i’m okay, but that fucker isn’t doing too well anymore…” pointing to the heap of what used to be the three thumbed man.

Panel 17 - “hell this is perfect, this is the perfect distraction. With everyone running around looking at that poor sap we can shoot him, get our money back and get the fuck out of here before anyone notices.”

Panel 18 - same as panel 6 issue 3

Panel 19 - “fuck it, i’m still getting our money back.” as he’s bending over the hotdog vendors body rooting through his pocket looking for his wallet.

Panel 20 - the hot dog vendor looks up at him, still struggling to breathe through the massive, profusely bleeding wound in his throat and gasps “kill me”

Panel 21 - startled, he shoots him in the eye. “stop thief” screams the cop from outside the panel

Panel 22 - “Fuck, i hate explaining this kind of shit to the cops” Shoots the cop right in between the eyes.

Panel 23 - same as panel 7 issue 2

Panel 24 - same as panel 9 issue 2


Book 1/ Issue 5 

Panel 1 - “I knew I’d find you someday you murdering son of a bitch, oh i see you, but i know you don’t see this coming…”

Panel 2 - THUD! blood splatters the windshield just as a heaped mound of flesh and blood is sent airborn from the impact of the bus.

Panel 3 - A clearly pregnant woman sitting at the back of the bus is thrown forward head first into the seat right in front of her from the impact of the collision.

Panel 4 - People on the bus start screaming, the bus driver opens the door gets out and starts screaming profanities at the top of his lungs in the direction of the heap on the ground.

Panel 5 - As the pregnant woman begins to regain consciousness, though she is still incredibly dazed, she realizes the immense amount of pain she’s in. she’s going into labour… she also realizes that the bus has emptied, and begins to call for help.

Panel 6 - at that very moment a being of some sort had materialized in the bus’ aisle and was beginning to walk towards her.

Panel 7 - A figure bathed in light and crying tears of blood stands before her.

Panel 8 - as the tears of blood steadily dripped onto her forehead, she began to feel calmer, “Thank you, i know you can hear my thoughts… you are an angel after all aren’t you?”

Panel 8 - “I’m whatever you want me to be. But listen closely, don’t worry, your baby is fine, you will be fine as well.”

Panel 9 - looking up into the glare of the being she thinks “will this hurt alot?”

Panel 10 - “Only if you let it hurt , it’s time, i’ll be right here.”

Panel 11 - “What do you mean only if i let it?”

Panel 12 - “I’m sure you’ve felt and will feel worse pains than this.”

Panel 13 - Looking away from the angel she thinks “I wish i knew where he was.”

Panel 14 - “Now’s not the time to question that. But it is time, i’ll be right here, you’ll be fine, now push” The angel has bent down in order to deliver the baby.

Panel 15 - a sense of tranquility comes over her as she pushes as hard as she can.

Panel 16 - gives birth

panel 17 - The angel hands her the baby “Take care of her, she’ll save the world someday…”

Panel 18 - She looks perplexed at the angel “Who are you?”

Panel 19 - “You know who i am, you’ll be fine, take care of her, I have to go”

Panel 20 - “You should probably get some sleep” a blinding light shoots forth from his hand and hits her in the chest.

Panel 21 - she looks down at the light on her chest and notices there seems to be some writing on it, but the light makes it unreadable.

Panel 22 - she looks back up and sees the angel has left her

Panel 23 - she looks at her baby, “i’ll take care of you, but first i think we need to sleep”

Panel 24 - She lies the baby down beside her on the bus floor and passes out.


Book 1/Issue 6 

Panel 1 - same as panel 6 issue 1 

Panel 2 - close up of an incredibly drunk, haggard looking old man. “How much money would somebody be willing to give me if I am successful in my mission to eat this entire bottle in less than 20 seconds?”

Panel 3 - a few members of the crowd turn to watch the drunk make an ass of himself…

Panel 4 - “come on people that flat fuck ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. But who knows if i’ll be able to get this entire bottle in my pie hole. $20 dollars? Do i have any takers?”

Panel 5 - before anyone even had the opportunity to agree to his wager, he screams “GO!” as he throws the wine bottle to the ground within the paper bag and proceeds to stomp on it.

Panel 6 - he tips the finely crushed glass into his mouth and begins to chew, blood streaming down his chin.

Panel 7 - “ HA! i told you cockmongers i could do… Shit sakes twatbreathe you sure know how to kick a guy when he’s down AHA!” in reference to the bus driver stomping the three thumbed man’s head in.

Panel 8 - The drunk stumbles away, walking towards the seemingly empty bus, he can hear faint whimpers for help. Blood is still teeming down his chin and neck.

Panel 9 - he stumbles his way onto the bus and finds a pregnant unwed girl sitting on the floor at the back of the bus alone, and by the looks of it, in labour.

Panel 10 - “Oh, fuck me, uh… look i don’t have anything to be able to rig up an epidural with, but here’s what i propose, drink from my flask… i mean the baby’s coming out anyway right? What’s the harm. No? okay fine.” blood sputtering from his mouth with every syllable.

Panel 11 - “Here just push, i heard that’s what you’re supposed to do… I’m just gonna take a peek down there to see what’s goin…” as he’s crouching to peer in between the girls legs.

Panel 12 - “Holy Hell the bastard… i mean the boy’s half way out as it is, maybe if i just give a yank… i… can… GOTCHA YA SLIPPERY SON OF A BIT… aha uh i mean here ya go lady”

Panel 13 - the baby’s in the mother’s arms as the drunk old man hobbles down the aisle of the bus.

Panel 14 - he looks out the windshield and sees the now three dead bodies littered around the street and sidewalk. “serves them right… probably a bunch of swindlers and baby nappers”

Panel 15 - “that reminds me, lady, take my card.” throws a business card towards the new mother.

Panel 16 - She looks down at the card. It’s a business card for the host of the game show “so you think you can trust your friends”

Panel 16 - he trips on the last step and falls face first into a phone booth.. “oh yeah that reminds me”

Panel 17 - steps into the phone booth

Panel 18 - steps out of the phone booth, wearing a nice black blazer, slicked back hair, and appears to be 20 years younger and sober. “I hope everyone’s ready to play.”

Book 1/Issue 7 -

Panel 1 - A fairly good looking man is seen walking across the street from the hot dog vendor “sure are a lot of fat people out today…”

Panel 2 - “Maybe it’s some sort of social pride event for their kind today…”

Panel 3 - He passes by a store front with a sign in the window which reads “ice cream 1/2 off!” “that makes more sense”

Panel 4 - THUD, a woman screams. He turns around to see a bloody heap lying in the middle of the street and a bus with blood on its windshield.

Panel 5 - he watches as the bus driver gets out of the bus, screaming, and stomps on the head of the three thumbed man.

Panel 6 - “holy fuck what are you doing” he runs over to the bus driver to hold him back from attacking again.

Panel 7 - he looks up and notices a beautiful girl holding the bus driver back as well.

Panel 8 - they both look frightened, confused but glad that the other person is there.

Panel 9 - The cop takes the bus driver into custody. And the two look at each other for a couple seconds.

Panel 10 - She is the first to speak, “It’s nice to see somebody else trying to look out for the little guy.” He looks at her, “by the looks of that mound of… well blood and guts… he wasn’t that little of a guy. aha shit sorry that was a bad attempt at a joke… this is just so fu—

Panel 11 - BANG! a gun shot comes from behind them,

Panel 12 - she screams and leaps into him,

Panel 13 - “stop thief” the cop shouts in the direction of the 2 guys by the hot dog cart

Panel 14 - cops shot in between the eyes

Panel 15 two guys get into car and drive away

Panel 16 - by this time the young blond girl is up against the man so close you can’t see her from the back…

Panel 17 - she stays there a moment while the man is still standing quite dumbstruck by the whole situation.

Panel 18 - she steps back “sorry, I’ve just … Never seen three people die in the span of of 3 minutes in real life before…”

Panel 19 - yeah, fuck… Uh… Don’t worry about it, I’m kinda shook up pretty bad right now too

Panel 20 - they both look blankly at each other

Panel 21 - they embrace each other in a single, deep kiss.

Panel 22 - he says “sorry, it’s just been so long and this whole things just so.. Fucked.

Panel 23 - “I know, it’s alright, I feel the same way…”

Panel 24 - they turn around and look lustfully at the seemingly unguarded, empty bus…

Panel 25 - they board the bus, hand in hand with her leading the way.

Panel 26 - the unconscious mother and her baby are seen at the back of the bus.

DONE… Kinda

Panel 27 - “hi 911? You’re gonna want to get downtown … Relatively soon, three dead, and by the looks of it… A recently beaten brand new mother…” says the blonde into her phone.
“Good god damn, lady, are you alright? The man screams as he runs towards the back of the bus.

Panel 28 - the new mother looks at the man confused “yeah, I’m fine. Just fell asleep I guess” holding the still unwrapped baby in her arms.

Panel 29 - “Come on, let’s get you off this bus, the fresh air might help you, plus you’ll be right there when the paramedics arrive.” says the blonde

Panel 30 - the 4 of them exit the bus and stand next to a homeless man playing a saxophone on a street corner.

Panel 31 - when the new mother turns around the other 2 are gone and the bus windows have fogged over a bit…


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Anonymous said: make more videos.

One day…. I’ve been having creative differences with myself as of late

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Its at least one of the best claymation videos you’ll see about a magic horse this week

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#claymation magic horse short film 

There’s a lesson in this one… 

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